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Frequently Asked Questions

01. Jewelry Maintenance

What’s the best way to maintain jewelry?
It’s best to catch problems before you lose a stone or suffer expensive damage. We suggest bringing your jewelry in for inspection every 6 months, with routine maintenance every 2-3 years.
How do I care for my jewelry at home?

The best way to care for your jewelry depends on many factors: the type of metal, the types of stones, and even the style of the jewelry.

Special care should be given to all gemstone jewelry. Avoid heat, strong cleaning solutions, ultra-sonic cleaning and rough treatment. Do not expose your Jewelry to Perfumes / Hair Sprays /Cologne. Do not let your Diamonds and gems cum contact with chlorine or bleach because it can pit or discolor the mounting. 

Do not wear your diamonds and gems when you are playing sports, doing rough work, or the dishes. Although durable, a hard blow along their grain can chip diamonds and gemstone stones pieces together in a drawer or jewelry case as they can scratch each other and also scratch other jewelry. Sometimes the corrosion of the metal may occur, forming very dark chemical compounds under moist or wet condition.

02. Repairs

What do I do if my jewelry needs repair?

It’s natural for the metal to wear down over time, for prongs to become loose, or for chains to break. Bring your jewelry to store for a repair.

Are repairs guaranteed?
We guarantee all repairs for 6 months. If any of our work doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll repair it for free.

03. How to Book An Appointment

As soon you submit appointment request by submitting form. We will get back to you for confirmation within 24 Hours.  You can also WhatsApp your queries at +1 (469) 642-4796 anytime.  To book an appointment click here!