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Effective nonprofit strategic planning can ensure that the mission and vision are realized. A solid strategy plan for nonprofits defines the specific steps needed to achieve the goals. It is a resource that should be reviewed on an ongoing basis, since external and internal circumstances may change.

A strategic plan should start by reviewing the mission, vision and values. This will help to bring the team together and confirm that these are driving forces behind the whole process. This is a fantastic opportunity to pinpoint changes that could be needed.

Next, many nonprofits choose to move on to a SWOT analysis. This is an analysis of the organization’s possibilities and threats and also its strengths and weaknesses. SWOT analyses are a powerful tool to help you understand the present external and internal surroundings of your organization. They can also be used to create an action plan for your nonprofit.

Another essential element of a strategic plan is a development or fundraising strategic plan. This is a look at how the organization can expand its charitable efforts. It may include goals such as increasing email outreach, enhancing a website, enhancing fundraising techniques and building stronger relationships with donors.

Once the goals for the strategic plan have been set and the strategic plan is in place, it’s a good idea to meet with the team again and discuss the next steps. This will strengthen everyone’s determination to see the plan through to completion. It is also a an ideal opportunity to talk about ways to communicate the plan to stakeholders who were not part of the team originally.

effective nonprofit strategic plan

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